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Patio / Tent Heaters with Propane

Double Click on Image to enlarge and view our Propane Fueled Patio/Tent Heaters.

tn_480_Winter_Setup_4.JPG[1].png 2015-2-7-21:33:42
Tent Heater_edited.png
Patio Heater.png

DESCRIPTION:  Our 44,000 BTU heaters are designed to heat the area within a 10' radius of the heater.  Perfect for any event where cool tempuratures may be a factor. They can be used in almost any area, but best when under a tent with sidewalls.  Depending on the outside tempurature, we usually recommend, 1-2 heaters to heat a 20'x20' tent; 2-3 heaters for a 20'x30' tent, and 3-4 heaters for a 20'x40' tent.  Each heater comes with a 25 gallon propane tanks that can typically supply 5-10 hours worth of heat, depending on the level of heat demanded.

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